berharga means 'worthy' in English. i just want to tell you that our times are worthy, our chances are worthy, every little things we have is worthy. you will never know what it means til it's gone, right? so just take care of it!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


6.00 am mom, i am waking up! please massage me..hehe!
6.45 am aunty, i want to take a bath. please prepare all the stuffs!
7.00 am hmm..smells good! I am thirsty now! I speak to my mom with crying!
7.20 am ok, i am full. then i need to sleep. take me to the my bed, mom.

i am sleeping. three hours later, i wake my mom up. i am thirsty again.
then, my mom gives me milk.

sleeping again, until midday. i feel thirsty again! i ask my mom again.
in order i can get a lot of milk, my mom must eat a lot of nutritious foods and drinks.
yeah! come on, you can eat lot like aunty Dede...:p

sleeping again.
i wake up at 3.30 pm.
open my eyes, and...rolling my must b so cute for them! hehe!

i take a bath at 4 pm. Oh I love taking a bath.
maybe I would love to swim when I grow up then!

play with my mom for a while, then sleeping again!
(how many times I write 'sleep' words?)

please protect me, please love me...
because I am a special gift from GOD..


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